Vur Tor Sunset

Vur Tor Sunset

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

An excuse to start running again.

Well not being overly keen on exersize as many will have guessed ;-) but as needs must i've recently returned to doing the occasional run, the excuse being to try knacker out a rather energetic lurcher cross collie(Taz). Ilfracombe where better to try kill myself  off  by running up and down hills, those of you that know the area will understand just how flat and  easy it is to run around (or not as the case maybe).

It seems to be having the desired effect on Taz, just got to wait and see what effect it has on me, most likely none.

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  1. The sunset looks perfect. Oh to have someone to enjoy the view with. It looks really romantic don’t you think? Thanks for sharing this brilliantly executed shot.