Vur Tor Sunset

Vur Tor Sunset

Friday, 11 June 2010

Help the Hero's sponsored walk. 10-6-10

A walk i didn't have to plan, or lead, just turn up walk and give moral support to those slightly less used to walking long distances, the supposed 10 mile route was only a fraction longer by about a third, in reality it was 13.2 miles. Starting out from Mount Edgcombe and walking through the rather splendid gardens.
The weather was a bit overcast, but that was a good thing it would have been far to warm else, leaving the gardens it was a wooded walk along the coast towards Cawsand.
First port of call on reaching Kingsands was the Rising Sun pub, for a quick drink and call of nature break, then on round to Cawsands and the little shop there for a little sustenance to keep us going, for me a rather nice steak and stilton pasty followed by a custard slice.

So fueled up it was onwards and upwards to penlee point and the old watch hut.

From here its along the coast to Rame head.

A short rest at Rame head for a light snack was called for, along with a few moans and groans from some about their feet aching, plus several other ailments to complain about. this was about just over the half way point with a big chunk of what remained being along the cliff top road along to Whitsand bay and down into Millbrook and another pub stop. The final hour of the walk was following the Millbrook creek back along and then through a few fields to lead us back to our starting point of Cremyl and Mount Edgcombe.

Wednesday Evening Bimble 9-6-10

The joy's of finishing work at 5pm, extra walking time but also the joys of rush hour traffic to be endured, made worse by the variety of road works going on around Plymouth.

Having battled my way way through the traffic to reach Mary's place for a short stop before heading on out to meet up with George and Anna. As per norm Mary has a mad capped idea for something that needs to be done before we head off, the pitching of her new tent in the garden.

After a quick pitch and having packed the tent away it was time to head for George and Anna's, Mary driving this time as there would be no chance of getting 4 people and two dogs in my car.

Roborough beckoned and having picked up our fellow walking companions plus two dogs we headed for Bickleigh so we could join the track that leads down to the River Plym. The plan being to walk along the river to start with and back along the old train track for the the return to give the dogs time to dry out.

As per norm Jasmine spent 90% of the first half of the walk in the river, and the other 10% spent shaking the water off usually close by some unfortunate person (me), While Mary in her shiny white trainers tried to avoid any muddy patches, Bimbling along George and Anna turned into wombles picking up the litter left by those  that are to inconsiderate to think of the effect it has on the environment, wild life and others enjoyment of an area of beauty.

Along the route there are a few spots of interest, the viaducts an old waterwheel (or at least the housing for it) and climbing back up towards the old train track there are a few ruined buildings, but the main reason for this walk was to see the Peregrine falcons, so having reached the viaduct where the bird watching people are set up it was good to see they were still there and the spotting scopes still out to give a view of the birds

Well worth a walk there for the views and chatting to the people you can learn quite a bit about the falcons too.

The last leg of the walk is probs the least inspiring along the old train track which has since been tarmaced to make it a cycle path, then the final adventure was hoping Mary's small car would make it up the hill will loaded with 4 people and 2 not too small dogs.