Vur Tor Sunset

Vur Tor Sunset

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fox Tor Mire and Childs Tomb Bimble

Today's jaunt was a bimble through Fox Tor mires and on out to Childs Tomb, with the walking history book called Shamus, The weather made a pleasant change, no clear blue sky's just overcast clouds to add character and atmosphere to the moors, and the threat of rain so a day to be prepared to get wet, or dress for the conditions, no trail shoes today for fear of ending hip deep in a section of what is renowned to be as boggy as a boggy thing can get mire.

A tentative walk across the mire to find some mapped features, made good use of the walking poles, tho the ground we chose to walk over was surprisingly supportive(could be more luck than judgement) it was a relief to arrive on firm ground, and then a hunt for the Cairn Circle and Cist, with a little micro navigation it was found and we set off for Childs Tomb Cross, an interesting feature with history to go with it.

The cloud started to drift in and you could watch it slowly shrouding the top of the hills. North Hessary Mast vanishing at times, so skirting the mire we headed back to the car as the rain set in, the Furtech Claw on a little rain was nothing to worry about, zipped up and hood up i was never too hot but just comfortable, this might have changed with an ascent. The route back was far less Mire like tho still some spots to be avoided and the occasional tentative poke with a walking pole to test ground was needed, and the poles came in handy for the stream crossings as well.

The final leg was fairly simple following the wall then heading for the car by meandering through the tin workings with their unusual stone walled enclosures not something i have seen before but will have to look up why they are there sometime.

A quick drive from there delivered us at the Plume of Feathers....... to the shock of many for a coffee rather than a Jail Ale, and an entertaining discussion about the earlier events of the day.

Hart tor Brook 22/4/2010

After a short stroll out from princetown on a nice clear evening, taking in the views from hart tor, before dropping down to the brook.
Plenty of open dry flat pitches to choose from tho not the best of views if you wish to catch the sunset or sun rise.
The evening was spent tinkering with the camera taking night shots, some total failures others producing half reasonable results, more practise needed and a bit of reading to do as well i do believe.
The Second nights use of the half hex inner a bit of fettling and tweeking of tie out points resulted in a better shape inner and seems to work well, now to source some more matterial and make a few more to sell and perfect the design and production

Friday, 23 April 2010


A first blog..... and maybe not the last but who knows? I shall endeavour to update this as time goes by with my outdoors related activities and adventures, plus any other useful nuggets of knowledge gleaned from using and abusing the gear i have.